Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy

This policy shall apply to all persons holding leadership responsibilities within Victories of the Heart, NFP, including without limitation, directors, officers, program and weekend leaders and staff members, and facilitators of ongoing groups (hereinafter “Service Personnel”).

Conflicts of Interest

A conflict of interest arises when a Service Person’s relationship with an outside organization or individual can be interpreted as detrimental to Victories of the Heart or as an unfair use of the Service Person’s relationship with Victories of the Heart. Service Personnel must avoid actual conflicts of interest and the appearance of such conflicts. If there is any doubt as to whether a specific situation may be construed as a conflict of interest, Service Personnel should immediately discuss the situation with the President or Executive Director. The Executive Director and President should discuss their own actual or potential conflicts with the Chairman of the Ethics Committee.

Service Personnel may not accept anything of value from persons or entities seeking to do business with Victories of the Heart. This applies to gifts in any form, including entertainment, merchandise, payments, loans, and services from anyone doing business with or soliciting business from Victories of the Heart. It does not bar courtesies of nominal value or customary and proper social relations consistent with good business ethics and which do not involve or imply an obligation.

Service Personnel may not engage in any transaction with Victories of the Heart, which might benefit them personally without disclosing and obtaining approval of the proposed transaction by the Board of Directors. Service Personnel having an interest in any such transaction shall not vote or participate in Board deliberations concerning the proposal. The minutes of the Board of Directors shall record the name of the Service Person involved in the proposed transaction, a description of all material terms, the action taken by the Board, and the names of the directors voting for and against the transaction.

Code of Ethics

Service Personnel agree to behave in a professional and ethical manner at all times and to convey a personal image of high standards and expectations. Service Personnel who are members of healing and therapeutic professions agree to abide by the rules of professional conduct and codes of ethics applicable to said professions.

Service Personnel acknowledge that, as a result of their positions with Victories of the Heart, they may enjoy a unique or special relationship with the men participating in Victories’ programs and agree to avoid any form of relationship that could reasonably be considered to be exploitive or otherwise create a conflict of interest. Specifically, for a period of two years following the completion of a man’s participation in a Victories’ weekend or other program, no Service Personnel who attends or leads that weekend or program shall become engaged in any new financial, business, or therapeutic relationship with that individual. In the case of a new sexual relationship, this prohibition shall be in effect for five years.

Service Personnel who are mental health professionals shall avoid dual relationships involving their clients and Victories of the Heart unless they can be assured that (1) the relationship does not violate the code of conduct applicable to their profession and (2) the relationship will not adversely affect their client. In particular, this means that no mental health professional will invite a client to a weekend, which he is attending as staff or participant, without full disclosure to the client of the potential change in the therapeutic relationship that may occur as a result of attending the weekend together. If more than one such client accepts the invitation, the professional must (1) disclose to each client the fact that other clients from his therapy practice will be in attendance and (2) fully discuss the therapeutic and confidentiality implications of the situation.

Men who are present mental health clients of Service Personnel shall not staff a Victories program with their own mental health professional.

Men who were formerly mental health clients of Service Personnel shall not staff a Victories program with their former mental health professional for a period of three years following the termination of the professional relationship.

Men who are present mental health clients of Service Personnel shall not be promoted to the position of weekend leader or assistant weekend leader.

Service Personnel shall not discuss confidential information with anyone (including the participant’s mental health professional) in the absence of the participant’s written consent. Only those Service Personnel who hold valid mental health licenses are permitted to participate in such conversations with a participant’s mental health professional.

Service Personnel are responsible for ensuring adherence to the physical and emotional safety standards outlined in this document.

Service Personnel shall exhibit responsible concern for the well-being of their peers and the men attending Victories programs by not ignoring inappropriate or unethical conduct in colleagues. All such conduct shall be reported to the President or Executive Director.

Service Personnel shall seek clarification and/or guidance from the President or Executive Director if they are unclear about any of the concepts in or application of the Code of Ethics.