Frequently Asked Questions
Best Self

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Why do men attend this weekend?

This weekend offers a chance to continue your personal work, honor the changes you’ve made since your initial weekend, and celebrate your best self.

Does Victories require men to subscribe to any particular set of beliefs? Does it have a religious component or affiliation?

Victories is a secular organization and has no religious component or affiliation. We welcome men of all religious, spiritual, and secular persuasions.

Who attends the Best Self Weekend?

This weekend is attended by men who have done a previous Victories weekend. We recommend doing the Best Self Weekend after completing the BreakThrough and Shadow Weekends.

What happens on the Best Self Weekend?

All activities occur in the context of a group of approximately 22-28 men, consisting of about 18 participants and 10 staff. The weekend incorporates communication exercises, journaling, role-playing, and discussions.

Is this weekend safe for Gay and Trans men?

Yes. All men are welcome on this program.

Is financial assistance and/or payment plans available to attend the weekend?

Victories does not want financial obstacles to stand in the way of a man who is ready and willing to do a weekend. We invite men to ask for the assistance they need. Financial assistance and payment plans are available. Interested participants should contact the Victories Office for more details.

Is this therapy?


I am in a 12 step program. Is this weekend right for me?

Victories does not offer professional psychological or psychiatric services or addiction counseling, nor are its programs specifically designed to address the issue of addiction. This weekend is not appropriate for men who are working to manage active addiction. However, men who are in a 12 step program and/or consistently working with a therapist or counselor will find the weekend to be an additional space of compassion and support.

Who staffs the weekend?

Each leadership team is composed of two senior leaders and up to eight other staff. Everyone on the team has attended our weekend programs and received training in the group processes. Men are chosen for leadership based on their own personal growth, integrity, compassion, and commitment.

What is the weekend schedule?

We ask men to arrive by 6:30 PM on Friday. No dinner is provided that night, unless they make arrangements with us in advance. Sunday’s program concludes no later than 2:00 PM. We allow enough time in the evening for a good night’s sleep.